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Our Team

Hello! Nice to meet you!

Sara Piccioni

Kindhearted. Passionate. Reliable. Informative. 


Sara's passion for doula work stems from her understanding that everyone is unique.


She hopes to walk alongside her clients as they approach each step of their pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks of the postpartum period. Sara offers informational support, physical support, and emotional support based on her intuitive nature. Her goal is to offer unbiased advice and information that is evidence based. Sara sees great value in helping parents find the power of their instincts. Sara makes her clients' passion about their birth her own.


Her goal is to act as a cohesive part of your birth team, alongside your medical providers to give you and baby a positive start together. Sara is open to building rapport with each client at their pace. You can come to her 24/7 with any questions or concerns. As a mom of two girls, Sara enjoys living life on the fly (because babies choose when they want to be born). She is upbeat, open minded, and has a passion for comforting others. Her husband is her best friend and life partner.

Favorite quote

" be humble in success, and without bitterness in defeat."

-Shirley Kreason Strout

Preparedness is important,

especially when things are out of our control.

As we all know, life can throw us unexpected challenges at any time. One of the most unavoidable challenges doulas face is the unpredictable nature of birth. As a professional and experienced birth worker, I have a plan in place to make sure you have support when you need it. Although backup doula support is almost never needed, knowing there is a plan in place should we need to utilize a backup doula helps us all feel at ease. I team up with likeminded doulas in the DMV area to provide familiar and genuine support even in unexpected situations including sickness, family emergency, or other unexpected situations.

Meet the doulas I team up with to ensure your experience is always streamlined.

Dina Piccioni
Dina Piccioni

Birth Doula / Postpartum Doula /  Certified Lactation Consultant / HypnoBabies Trained 
Calming. Instinctual. Trustworthy. Loving.   

Dina's goal is to provide women with strong support before, during, and after labor so that each of her clients may remember their birth story through beautiful memories. Her call to become a doula was based on her own experiences without a birth coach, as well as the birth of her granddaughter. When each of her three children were born she felt things didn't go the way she had hoped. Her first child was born via c-section due to a cascade of interventions and a nervous wreck for a husband. Whether your partner is hands-on or faint at the sight of blood, Dina is able to offer support to her clients and their partners. She is such a calming presence, and treats each client as if they were family.

Martie Vinson
Martie Vinson

Student Midwife & Birth Assistant  /  Birth Doula / Postpartum Doula  /  NRP Certified  

Genuine. Encouraging. Caring. Informative.   

Martie Vinson has been a doula for 4 years and a student midwife for the last 3 years. She is planning to start a Homebirth practice in Martie considers herself an evidence-based provider and an advocate.
 She wants each of her clients to feel like they know what they want, and are prepared with the education and knowledge to feel confident in advocating for their choices when the time comes.

 Martie Vinson also has a lot of experience working with solo parents and birthing people of color. She is passionate about advocating for BIPOC and the maternal health disparities that affect them.

Kerry Reynolds Birth Doula
Kerry Reynolds

 Birth Doula / Postpartum Doula / Placenta Specialist / Childbirth Educator 
 Empathetic. Personable. Professional. Calming.   

Kerry is a very experienced doula, having attended over 750 births in her career. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of two, who is always striving for balance between her passions and her responsibilities. Kerry's doula support is designed to help you and your partner feel supported through the rest of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. She believes every birth is unique and different in its own way, yet there is an element to each birth that remains consistent - birth is full of intense sensations and how you respond to those sensations can play a big role in your birth experience. 

Pam Adams
Pam Adams

Birth Doula / Postpartum Doula  / Childbirth Educator 
Unwavering. Spiritual. Professional. Calming.   

Pamela Adams describes herself as "a queer, Black Birthing from Within certified childbirth educator and a trained doula based in Baltimore, Maryland. Pam is also an artist, poet, energy healer, and a licensed attorney. She's passionate about decolonizing birth through community care and ritual, and she serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association to Advance Black Birth. Pam believes birth is a sacred rite of passage, and it should be honored as such.

Amanda Hoyle
Amanda Hoyle

Birth Doula / Postpartum Doula  / Childbirth Educator 
Comforting. Steady. Encouraging. Grounded.   

Amanda is passionate about helping families navigate the pregnancy and birth journey.Her goal is always to educate, encourage, and equip clients to know their options and to be confident about their choices going into their birth experience. She sees her role in the birth team as one of bringing a calm, encouraging voice to your journey -- one that you know will support your decisions and work with your partner as you look toward welcoming your baby into the world.

Nathalie Doula
Nathalie Grolleman

Birth Doula / Postpartum Doula  / Childbirth Educator 
Enthusiastic. Caring. Devoted. Warm.   

After a fulfilling career as ICU nurse, a stint as a medical sales representative, Nathalie embarked on a globetrotting adventure with her family. In 2018, she decided to pursue her passion for supporting expecting parents by becoming a certified birth and postpartum Doula through DONA International. She and her husband are proud parents of three children who have now blossomed into young adults. Two of them are studying in The Netherlands, and their youngest is a rising senior in high school.

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