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"Birth is not only about making babies.Birth is about making mothers- strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength"
-Barbara Katz Rothman PhD

Birth Doula Support

Fees vary from $1,500 to $2,100. See contact form.

It all starts with a free virtual consultation.

Thinking about hiring a doula for the birth of your tiny human? I would love to meet with you and your birth partner (if applicable) to see if we are a good match!

There are four main components to my doula support. 

24/7 Communication Birth Doula Support

24/7 Direct Communication

I am available via text, phone, or email to keep you off Google, and offer trusted evidence-based resources.

Need to chat?

Call/text anytime!

Labor and Birth Support in Maryland

Labor and Birth Support

Early labor can be tricky to navigate, but together we can make it calm and productive. Once you're in active labor, I will join you in-person for labor and birth support to offer intuitive comfort techniques, information, and facilitate communication.

Prenatal Planning Sessions Maryland Doula

Prenatal Planning Sessions

We will meet once in-person at your home to talk about your vision for the birth and any preferences you may have. You will also receive a Comfort Measures Guide and an Early Labor Guide.

Frederick Maryland Doula Gaithersburg Maryland Doula

Postpartum Check-In Visit

I will visit you and your newborn to answer questions, provide reassurance, and be a sounding board for any challenges you might be facing. 

Ask about adding further postpartum hours!

Childbirth Education

Montgomery County Frederick County Childbirth Education

Postpartum Doula Support

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How can we help?


Daytime support is helpful when you need an extra hand, advice, breastfeeding support, help with household chores, and so much more! 

Nighttime support is primarily to help you and your family get sleep.

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