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Never feel alone as you navigate pregnancy and labor with the support of a trained birth doula.

Our Philosophy

Our birth philosophy stems from the knowledge 'every birth and birthing person is different'. One birthing person may experience birth differently with each pregnancy she/they carries. Our goal is to provide each person with personalized care based on their concerns, anxieties, coping skills, care providers, personality and so much more. Each person we care for may have different ways of coping with the sensations of labor and the pain of birth, therefore we make it a priority to adjust our care to the style of each pregnant person.
Our care is not only for those looking to have a natural birth. We understand not all people seek the same birth experience. We are happy to support you if you seek medication for pain or seek to avoid medical tools. This is your birth, we can provide you with all the support and care you will need to have a positive and safe experience. 

"I started my own pregnancy journey feeling confused and scared. I wasn't sure how to navigate choosing a provider or a birth place. My partner felt helpless because he saw how scared I was. We knew we had to find a support person who was unbiased and comforting."

Sara Piccioni, Owner

When I was younger, I was entranced by TLC's
A Birth Story'.

It was a show depicting people's birth experiences, and often it seemed so scary. I knew I wanted to be a mom, even as a child. But watching that show made me wonder if I was really cut out for being a parent at all. 


My own birth journey started with an unplanned yet completely welcomed pregnancy for my husband and I. We weren't married at the time, but the conception of our daughter was a catalyst for a life we had both wanted for so long. With my first pregnancy I quickly realized I would need to be very diligent about who I chose to oversee my pregnancy and birth. I found the perfect birth place and providers and then we found our doula, who was also our childbirth education instructor. She was calming, down to earth, and easy to approach with any questions. Eventually she saw the spark in me as I gained an excitement for birth, and asked me to join her in the amazing work of doula support. I studied under her for months as well as completed my DONA training workshop.


Today, after having attended hundreds of births, I have built a lifelong career I hope to pass down for generations. I surround myself with other birth workers who are like-minded in their approach. Birth work is not for the faint of heart. But at DTB we put our heart and soul into offering unwavering support. Regardless of how your baby enters the world, we will be there to support your family and witness your courage as you welcome your new tiny human.

Sara gave me the confidence that I could do it and talked me through things before and as they were happening.

She helped me manage my pain, guided and cheered me on through pushing, and was a huge source of information and comfort to my husband.

Evan W. of Fairfax, VA

Sara is soothing, kind, and clearly has plenty of expertise in her field. Before and after my birth she helped us. Not only did I feel safe in her hands, but I did for my baby as well. She answered all our questions and provide problem solving, as well as guidance. She was a great doula for us.

Jessica A. of Frederick, MD

I've had two births with Sara and she made all the difference. My husband's advice to newly pregnant friends is always "get a doula" because her support and encouragement was invaluable.

Erica G. of Olney, MD

We hired Sara to be our doula for our January baby girl's arrival, and I'm thrilled that we did. It was like having my best friend guide me through my labor and delivery. She talked me through my early labor and helped me avoid letting my anxiety get the best of me. 

Cait P. of Point of Rocks,MD

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