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"Doula support should be nonjudgmental, comforting, and informative."

Sara Piccioni, Owner

Be confident to communicate your needs.

Be prepared to navigate each step of your birth experience.

Get the calm and reassuring support you deserve.

Our Support Includes

In-home prenatal planning | Partner support and encouragement | 24/7 communication and rapport building | Non-judgmental guidance and resources | Early labor guidance | Support in all birth places | Intuitive support as birth unfolds | Facilitation of communication between you and your providers | Support for all pain management preferences | Expert tips and tricks | Postpartum check-in | Encouragement and guidance based on your needs |

Let's connect!

Let us guide and support you during this intimate time.


We proudly serve the following hospitals:

Frederick Health Hospital

Shady Grove Adventist

Holy Cross Germantown and Silver Spring


 INOVA Fairfax

Virginia Hospital Center

 INOVA Loudoun

Carroll County Hospital

Georgetown University Hospital

 Howard County General

Meritus Medical Center



Image by Craig Pattenaude

Birth is supposed to be positive and exciting

But for most women, it's still pretty scary.

As you think about your baby's birth and the uncertainties that may come with it, you probably feel fear and anxiety you wish you didn’t. Many moms, in an effort to overcome their fears, go on a mad hunt for information. Once you dive in, even just a little bit, you quickly realize that the plethora of information and the wide array of conflicting opinions only create more fear.

Stepping into your birth experience doesn’t have to feel this way. As trained birth doulas, our goal is to help you minimize your fears, equip you with the exact information you need or want, and help you step into labor and birth with confidence.

Let's start the conversation.

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